ennis & Pickleball Courts

We have been working on tennis courts since 1984, and have completed over 2,500 projects in Ohio. Take a look at our PHOTOS to see our work and refer to our COMPLETED PROJECTS to see our recent projects, or view our REFERENCE LIST. Give us a call and we will schedule an on-site visit and then provide a FREE QUOTE with our recommendations to get your project handled. Use the PICKLEBALL COLOR SELECTOR to find the right color combination for your court!


New Design & Construction
Provide ASBA / USTA & USAPA Specifications

Color Coating
Custom Stenciling / Logos
Cushion Courts

Crack Repair
RiteWay Membrane Crack Repair
Puddle Repair
Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Standard Courts
10 & Under (see USTA website for grant information)

Asphalt Overlay

Net Posts, Center Net Anchors, and Nets
Removal & Installation
Temporary Pickleball Net Systems

Fencing Removal & Installation


Lighting (LED & Metal-Halide)

Concrete Installation (Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, etc.)

Surface & Subsurface Drain Installation


Supply Sports Equipment and Products at Discount

Rally Master Backboards

Color Coating Materials
We prefer to use Nova Sports USA materials on all of our sports surfaces. For more information, please visit the NOVASPORTS.COM website, or give them a call at 508-473-6540.

Choose Your Colors
Take a look at our COLOR CARD and then choose your color(s). Then use Nova’s COLOR SELECTOR to visualize the court color scheme on a tennis court.